Challenge to China: How Taiwan Abolished Its Version of Re-Education Through Labor

By Jerome A. Cohen and Margaret K. Lewis迈向法治:台湾“流氓” 制度的兴废与中国大陆“劳动教养” 的未来


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Jerome Cohen and Margaret K. Lewis’ new book,  Challenge to China: How Taiwan Abolished Its Version of Re-Education Through Labor, draws attention to an underappreciated aspect of legal reforms in Taiwan and asks how Taiwan’s experience might be relevant to its neighbor across the Taiwan Strait. The Mainland leadership has for years claimed that it would soon abolish labor camps for its police-dominated system of “re-education through labor,” but until recently has not taken steps to do so. Authors Jerome A. Cohen, a professor at NYU School of Law since 1990, and Margaret K. Lewis, an associate professor at Seton Hall Law School, discussed how their research on Taiwan’s experience provides fresh ideas for the Mainland’s future reform path at a National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR) program on Wednesday, November 13. Please see below for a full recording of the event.


Book Launch Party

On Monday, October 17, 2014 The book launch party for Jerome Cohen and Margaret Lewis’s newly published Challenge to China: How Taiwan Abolished its Version of Re-education Through Labor took place at Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, a gallery located at 251 W 19th St  New York, NY 10011. Journalist Fang Fang from Voice of America reported on the event. Please find the article and video below. For the original post, please click here.

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