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Commentary on recent activities in Asia and beyond from a life of Asian legal research.

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This book reflects the most current thinking on how to achieve ethical and effective police interrogation.

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The Evolution of Pretrial Detention Law

A book examining pre-trial detention and the process to determine its conditions.


Justice: The China Experience

This book explores how certain ideas about justice have come to be dominant in Chinese polity and society and how some conceptions of justice have been rendered more powerful and legitimate than others.

Who Will Represent China's Workers Cover

Who Will Represent China’s Workers?

Despite considerable progress, in China, as elsewhere, labor violations persist and a substantial “representation gap” remains between legal needs and services.


2013 Criminal Procedure Law Translation

A translation of SPC Judicial Interpretation, SPP Judicial Interpretation, MPS Regulations & Glossary


The US-China Death Penalty Reform Project

This casebook shares the experience of other relevant jurisdictions, most immediately by examining how the death penalty is administered in the United States.


China’s Exclusionary Rules

An examination of the 2011 Exclusionary Rules for Criminal Cases in China, with articles by USALI Affiliated Scholars.