Dan Zhou, Lawyer and LGBT Rights Advocate, Speaks at USALI

On Thursday, October 23, the US-Asia Law Institute held a lunch talk with Mr. Dan ZHOU, expert on anti-discrimination law and LGBT issues in China and an attorney at the Shao Gang Law Office in Shanghai.

Born in January 1974, Mr. Zhou is a practicing lawyer based in Shanghai, China. As one of the few Chinese LGBT people who have ever come out to the local, national and international media, he is a pioneering advocate for full and equal recognition of LGBT people’s rights and people with HIV/AIDS in China. He has been working toward these goals through consulting services, public education, and public policy and legal advocacy over the past decade. In addition, in 2009 he published Pleasure and Discipline: Jurisprudential Imagination of Same-sex Desire in the Chinese Modernity, a ground-breaking monograph in the Chinese language on the dynamics of same-sex desire, law and modernity in China.

Mr. Zhou has been profiled in TIME Magazine,  Southern People Weekly (Nan Fang Ren Wu Zhou Kan), China Daily, and the South China Morning Post. He is frequently asked to speak on LGBT rights issues at classes, workshops, seminars and symposia in China, the United States, Germany, and other countries.