ChinaFile. Forty Years on, Is China Still Reforming?

A ChinaFile Conversation
November 9, 2018

In late October, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the “Reform and Opening” policy, China’s Chairman Xi Jinping visited the southern metropolis of Shenzhen, the first major laboratory for the Party’s post-Mao economic reforms. Like his predecessors, Xi often praises the policy, which the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping launched in 1978. Xi visited Shenzhen, he said, “so that we can declare to the world: China’s reform and opening up will never stop.”

What does this common but vague expression actually mean to Xi? And is Beijing actually reforming and opening up, or stagnating and closing down? —The Editors

Featuring USALI Affiliated Scholars:

Carl Minzner
Aaron Halegua
Margaret K. Lewis

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