Jerome A. Cohen. Hungdah Chiu, China, and International Law: A Life Well Spent

May 22, 2012

Chinese and Americans share many things. One of the things we share is a belief in turning a vice into a virtue. This program does that. We have come here to pay a sad tribute to the late Professor Chiu Hungdah, yet, we will benefit from the impressive program that has been organized to celebrate Professor Chiu‘s memory.

My informal introduction to the program can be divided into three parts. First, I will talk about Professor Chiu, whom I knew very well early in his career and whose subsequent achievements I continue to admire. Second, I will discuss the changes in China‘s attitude toward international law since the time he and I completed the book People’s China and International Law: A Documentary Study. And third, I will make a few remarks about China and international law today. This might constitute a transition to the important program that follows.

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