CRI: Extradition of Fugitives with discussants Margaret Lewis and Wang Xiumei

Margaret Lewis and Wang Xiumei participated in a panel discussion on China Radio International to discuss the state of extradition agreements between the United States and China.

Text and audio courtesy of China Radio International.

Last year, nearly 300 fugitives were repatriated to China. North America, Europe and South East Asia have been found to be top destinations for criminals looking to escape the country, mostly for economic or financial crimes. China's Ministry of Public Security is now trying to set up an annual high-level meeting with judicial officials in the United States to collaborate on returning Chinese fugitives to face justice.

-Wang Xiumei, a Professor at the College for Criminal Law Science at Beijing Normal University.
-Vincent Yang, Chair Professor of International Law at the University of Saint Joseph in Macau.
-Margaret Lewis, an Associate Professor at the Seton Hall University School of Law in the United States.