Student Scholar Program

Through research and writing, Student Scholars at the Institute will spend one academic year contributing to USALI’s ongoing legal reform projects in China and elsewhere in East Asia. These include promoting criminal justice reform and strengthening public interest law in the fields of public interest lawyering, labor rights, and anti-discrimination.  In October, we will also be engaging a substantial group of eminent East Asian lawyers and scholars in a month-long program to learn about wrongful convictions work in New York. We are also planning similar programs in the Spring. Space permitting, students are encouraged to attend these programs.

Student Scholars will receive guidance and feedback from USALI’s directors and staff as part of NYU Law’s Directed Research program (which offers 2 academic credits). Along with receiving research and writing guidance from USALI’s directors, Scholars will be given the opportunity to engage with USALI staff and Visiting Scholars.


Testimonials from Previous Student Scholars

The Student Scholars program provided me a venue to discuss issues that I care about and learn more about issues in international law. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss theory and its application in real life. I also liked the way that the group tied into classes and other USALI events, and how we were able to interact with practitioners and researchers working in Asia and with international interests. —Former Student Scholar (2017)

The Student Scholars program was a great opportunity to start building connections with other Asia-focused law students and with professionals. I hope to some day work with the other scholars and with USALI on Asia/International Law issues, so these connections are valuable to me. —Former Student Scholar (2017)


Applications open every autumn, and preference is given to NYU Law Students with preferred proficiency in Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese.

For more information, email us.