Wrongful Convictions Program

Preventing & Redressing Wrongful Convictions is an innovative month-long training program that has been a hallmark of autumn activities since 2016. The objective of this program is to deepen understanding within the Asian criminal justice community of the root causes of wrongful convictions and the procedural protections that could prevent wrongful convictions at the outset. In this way, we hope to promote fairness and accuracy of the criminal justice system, thereby reducing incidences of wrongful convictions. USALI uses the benefit of resources available in New York City, as well as drawing upon experts from throughout the United States to serve as expert discussants throughout the course of this training program.  

In the past, programming has included visits to the NYC Chief Medical Examiners, meetings with exonerees and their lawyers, meetings with legal experts from NYU, John Jay College of Criminal Justice; and meetings with the Innocence Project, as well as opportunity for exchange and research.

Participant Feedback


“The wrongful convictions program is of great value that it gives the participants a full picture that what roles and how they pay effort into redressing the wrongful convictions, as well as how wrongful convictions happen in US judicial system by practical and academic way, and by various research methods like psychological and sociological way. Moreover, participants are from different countries in Asia so we can share experience and opinions in a comparative perspective. In all, I think it’s very fruitful and inspiring for everyone who are interested in wrongful conviction and judicial system reform to participate into this program.” — Weijing Huang (2018)

”This is a very meaningful study, broadening my horizons and increasing the understanding of the US Criminal Procedure Law. China and the United States face similar problems in the prevention of wrongful convictions. Some practices in the United States can be used for reference. Thanks to the U.S.-Asian Law Institute, I hope that there will be opportunities to continue communication in the future.” — Chenlei Min (2018)

“People who don't believe that there is wrongful conviction in the world should participate in this project.” — Program Participant (2018)

“This programme is very helpful for us to understand the the formation,prevention and correction of wrongful convictions in United States. Participation in this project also contributes to a deeper understanding of the prevention and correction of miscarriages of justice in various countries concerned. The implementation of the programme has played an important role in the development of cooperative research and the promotion of better criminal justice in all countries.” — Kuibin Zhu (2018)

Visit to the Chief Medical Examiner, NYC.

Visit to the Chief Medical Examiner, NYC.

Meeting at the Innocence Project, NYC.

Meeting at the Innocence Project, NYC.

Recent Activities

Wrongful Convictions Observer

As part of our on-going work and study of Wrongful Convictions around the globe, USALI has begun to monitor developments in Asia and the United States. In addition to cross-posting these updates to our Facebook page, we also update them in our USALI News page. To see all our Wrongful Convictions Observer posts, click here.

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