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Correction of Misjudged Death Penalty Cases in China


139 MacDougal Street, Wilf Hall
5th Floor, Room 512
New York, NY, 10012


About the Presentation:

From 2013 to 2016, Chinese People’s court has announced 3718 defendants non-guilty and accepted 16889 state compensation cases. In 2016, People’s court corrected 11 serious mistrial and wrong cases, involving 12 accused. The number is historically highest compared with 23 serious mistrials and wrongfully convicted cased involving 37 accused within four years.

The death penalty is the most serious punishment, and in recent years there are death penalty cases caused public interest, my research would focus on mistrial death penalty cases. My research is based on 44 cases, including the death penalty and death penalty with a two-year suspension of execution, which was reported in public media. All information about these cases is gathered through public media. These cases express the whole picture of correction of mistrial death penalty cases.

About the Presenter:

Ms. Meijun Xu is currently a professor at Fudan University Law School, China. Her research focuses on judicial reform in China, and her publications include articles on investigative powers, simplified criminal procedure, criminal mediation, comparative judicial systems and criminal evidence. In recent years her research interests have centered mainly on wrongful convictions and the standard of proof in criminal procedure. She will conduct empirical research on the death penalty during her stay at USALI.