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The 2018 Telos-Paul Piccone Institute Conference

The 2018 Telos-Paul Piccone Institute Conference
Constitutional Theory as Cultural Problem: Global Perspectives

Friday Feb 16th - Sunday Feb 18th 2018

Deutsches Haus
42 Washington Mews

New York, NY 10003

China House
8 Washington Mews
New York, NY 10003

The challenges faced by the liberal democratic model in the twenty- first century have made constitutional theory into an urgent topic of global concern. Both the second Iraq War and the revolutions of the Arab Spring frustrated hopes of an easy trajectory toward liberal democratic constitutional orders. If there was the hope that liberation would mean the establishment of liberal democracy, the result has been that emancipation from tyranny does not naturally lead in a particular political direction. Such a conclusion presents fundamental problems for a constitutional theory that is built around a liberal democratic model. These questions indicate that the constitutional state, as theory and practice in modern Europe, North America, and Japan, while continuing to be the common point of reference, calls for renewed reflections as it faces new challenges both domestic/national and global in nature.

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