April 1, 2019: Wrongful Convictions Observer

We were delighted to see this article by USALI long-term partner Judge Jed Rakoff in this week's New York Review of Books, regarding the problem of inaccurate eyewitness identifications and also responding thoughtfully to how this problem might be addressed in an age where the majority of criminal matters are disposed of by plea bargain.

Meanwhile, in China on Wednesday, Henan man Zhang Yuxi 张玉玺 sought approximately US$500K for being wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 9 years, see the full story here: http://www.sixthtone.com/ht_news/1003768/henan-man-wrongfully-detained-for-9-years-requests-%24561%2C000-in-damages

Chinese reporting here: https://finance.sina.com.cn/roll/2019-03-26/doc-ihtxyzsm0663364.shtml