Gelatt Dialogue 2018 Video Highlights

In November 2018, the U.S.-Asia Law Institute hosted our 24th Annual Timothy A. Gelatt Memorial Dialogue on the Rule of Law in East Asia. The theme to the forum was “East Asia, America & International Law'“ with noted speakers from Asia and the United States to discuss human rights, intergovernmental and territorial disputes, and international tribunals.

Panel I:
China & International Human Rights Regime in the Age of Trump

Moderator: Ira Belkin, Adjunct Professor and Executive Director, US-Asia Law Institute, NYU School of Law

Presenter: Philip Alston, Professor and Co-Director, Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, NYU School of Law

Commentators: Sharon Hom, Adjunct Professor, NYU School of Law, and Executive Director, Human Rights in China; Yu-Jie Chen, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), and Affiliated Scholar, US-Asia Law Institute, NYU School of Law

Panel II:
Settling Inter-Governmental Disputes in East Asia

Moderator: José Alvarez, Herbert and Rose Rubin Professor of International Law, NYU School of Law

Presenter: Judge Hisashi Owada, International Court of Justice (Retired), and Japan’s Former Ambassador to the United Nations

Commentator: Benedict Kingsbury, Vice Dean and Murry and Ida Becker Professor of Law, NYU School of Law

Panel III:
In What Circumstances are Tribunals Successfully Employed for Dispute Resolution in Maritime Cases?

Moderator: Jerome A. Cohen

Presenter: Paul Reichler, FoleyHoag, International Lawyer Former Counsel to the Philippines

Case Presenters: Peter Dutton, Professor and Director, China Maritime Studies Institute, US Naval War College; Adjunct Professor and Senior Fellow, US-Asia Law Institute, NYU School of Law; Jonathan Odom, Commander, US Navy; Lecturer, Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Henry Bensurto Jr., Philippine Consul General, San Francisco

Panel IV:
Resolving the Senkaku/Diayu Dilemma


Peter Dutton


Xinjun Zhang, Professor, Tsinghua University Law School, Beijing; Yann-Huei Song, Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan; Adjunct Professor, Soochow University Law School, Taipei; Seokwoo Lee, Professor, Inha University Law School, Republic of Korea; Kentaro Nishimoto, Professor, Tohoku University Law School, Japan